Property Marketing

Property Marketing

AKD crafts pragmatic and flexible Property Marketing solutions for large or small property developers.

Our experience spans over 20 years of working on one-off projects to totally integrated communication campaigns.
Our people and yours collaborate to create meaningful communication goals to achieve the best sales results.
There is no special sauce to Property Marketing rather hard work to deliver the best brand experience to your audience. To make your property the desired lifestyle destination and environment that people want.
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Naming
  • Marketing Material
  • eMarketing, including Social
  • Signage
  • Advertising
  • 3D visualisation
  • Digital
  • Video
Clarendon Residential
Residential Property
Design / Print / Information Centres

Clarendon Residential is a Sydney based company that entered the Melbourne market around 2006.

We developed promotional print and advertising campaigns to meet specific briefing targets. With the very large production requirement we developed information centre graphics and collateral distributed at several centres, which included billboards, directional signage and banners.

The launch campaign used distinct silhouettes of families which aimed to provide a non-descript ethnicity and allow the viewer to ‘imagine themselves’ in the place of the family depicted. The campaign’s hero image was created into a 3D metal sculpture and placed outside the information centre. This reinforced and created a strong connection with the press campaign and the display centre.
  • Signage


    Designed by: Taso Katsionis

  • Client
    The Butter Factory
    Brand Design / Print / Web Design

    The historical Butter Factory was being re-developed to live again as a residential dwelling. Old and modern materials combined to present a stunning apartment development. We were called upon to develop an inspiring satchel to hold several A4 sized brochures.

    We pushed the design and printing limits, using a recycled board with a silver foil then full-colour printing over the foil!
    The outstanding satchel, along with a series of inserts, showed all the benefits of living at the new development and also in the Byron Bay surrounds.

    The development sold out.
    The Advertising Group
    Design / Print Collateral / Info Centre / Press Advertising

    With great headlines and copy written by The Advertising Group [TAG], this modern apartment development is ‘how most Europeans are living today’.

    We designed and developed the marketing kit which included three large format inserts, all different sizes, using an interesting printing technique that required a full-colour image printed over a metallic silver ink. First the metallic was printed and allowed to dry before any further printing was done. The result is a spectacular presentation.

    The project included the design and installation of a display centre, billboard graphics and launch advertising.

    The development sold out ahead of expectations.

    Our people and yours work together throughout the design process to create meaningful communication for your brand.


    Your brand is the unique combination of name, reputation, products or services, skills, experience and values that your organisation presents to the world at large.

    It is the fundamental building block of all communications that you engage in … From the design and application of your logo to environmental signage and even the way the phones are answered.

    At AKD, our focus is in developing powerful brand programs which present our clients in a positive manner across a broad range of media.
    • Brand strategy
    • Brand identity, logo, naming and implementation
    • Brand guidelines
    • Brand Management
    • Rebranding

    Marketing & Communications

    Cutting through the noise with a well thought out creative approach to effectively engage your audience is what we do best.

    At AKD, we will work with you to translate your brand strategy into a powerful and cohesive message across all platform to create impact, recognition and ultimately, brand loyalty.

    We will work with you to translate your brand strategy into a powerful and cohesive message to create impact, recognition and ultimately brand loyalty.


    • Corporate and employee communications
    • Brochures and catalogues


    • Press and online
    • Indoor and Outdoor
    • Direct Mail

    Environmental Graphics / Signage

    • Internal and external
    • Exhibitions


    • Design and development
    • Artwork management


    AT AKD we focus on ensuring your digital brand connects with your audience in a positive way.

    We apply ‘end user experience’ thinking to ensure that your audience fully engages with your digital message to maximise outcomes across a range of digital platforms.
    • Website and mobile design
    • E-commerce solutions
    • User experience design (UX)
    • Digital advertising and online marketing  
    • Social media strategy
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